Talk directly to your customer via Voice Messaging

Ringless Messenger is the insertion of a one on one Voice Message into a

Cell phone voicemail without an actual call

This non-intrusive method gives you direct contact with your customer

New Customer Messaging
Auto “VOICE” responder
Confirmation Message
All communication you do with your
client can be done via Voice Messaging.
Voicemail open rates are 96%

What is Ringless Messages?

The direct contact with a customer sharing any message you choose to send. Targeted and controlled by you with an open rate near 100%. This is the most individualized and effective messaging method you can find.

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Features and Benefits

Ringless Messenger is good for many levels of
contact, Auto Responder, New Sales, Customer Updates, Cross Selling, you name it. If you are talking to a customer or client and need to get a message to them quick and efficiently Ringless is the way to go.

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Be Used

Setting up a Ringless campaign is as easy as defining
the script for message, you can record or we can have
professional voice over create, once it is completed you define your pohne list or we can acquire targeted lists for you. You define the Caller ID (Call back number) if you need assistance with IVR we can provide that as well, and then “BOOM” we Drop! It is that easy.

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How does it work?

A Voice message is recorded and delivered to your customer without a call and
inserted in their carrier voicemail.


Direct Server to Server with Voicemail


This does not cost the
Customer; in fact we pay the
providers for this access.



How do I get


It is as simple as filling out our form or calling our team
and we can get you started ASAP.

Let us provide you with a test and show how easy and
effective this method can be for you.

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